How To Fix LG G5 Power Button Not Working


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If you use the LG G5, the chances are that you are grappling with a malfunctioning power button. Many users have reported that trying to wake the LG G5 smartphone by pressing the side power button does not work, and some have complained about the LG G5's power button failure. When the button is pressed, the screen lights up but fail to turn on the LG G5. It has been observed that this issue happens when the LG G5 gets a call and starts ringing, but instead of lighting up, the screen remains black and unresponsive.

LG G5 Power Button Not Working Troubleshooting Solutions

It is still unclear if the power button failure is a malware or app problem. However, Safe Mode can help detect if the LG G5 power button issue was due to a malfunctioning app. Alternatively, you can solve the problem by performing a factory reset on the smartphone if Safe Mode was unable to correct the problem. After resetting the phone, ensure the phone is running on the latest software version from your carrier.

Turn On LG G5 Without Power Button

If your LG G5 is not responding to the power button, you can turn it on without it. If the phone is on, you can wake the phone up by connecting it to a computer, a charger or by pressing the Camera button if the phone has one.
If the phone is off already, it can be hard to turn it on without the power button. In some limited models, connecting the phone to a computer or long pressing the volume buttons will turn on the phone. If USB debugging was enabled before the phone was off, you might attempt to install ADB on your computer and use command prompt to turn on the device.

LG G5 – Soft reset, hard reset, wipe cache partition, hardware control mode

Soft Reset

• If the screen does not respond, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until the phone reboots.
• You may also remove the battery to shut down the device.

Hard reset

• Turn off the phone
• Press and hold the volume key and the power button at the same time, and when the phone displays the LG logo, release only the power button, and then press it again immediately. Then wait till the device shows the factory reset menu.
• To continue, press the power button, to cancel, press the volume keys.

Booting into Safe Mode

• Turn off the device and restart it. When it displays the LG logo, press and hold down the volume keys until the home screen appears, then the phone should enter Safe Mode.
• When the device is on, press and hold the power button till it shows the Shutdown option. Press and hold the "Power off" option till a confirmation appears, then tap OK. The phone will now boot into Safe Mode.
Hardware control mode

In case the phone's display is damaged or broken, the hardware buttons can still be used to perform some basic functions.
• Turn off the device.
• Press and hold the power button and the two volume keys for over 10 seconds to activate hardware key control mode.
• Press the volume keys to navigate to any option you desire, and confirm by pressing the power button.
• To answer a call, press both volume keys simultaneously.
• To end a call, press the power button during the call.
• To stop the alarm, press and hold together both volume keys when the alarm rings.

If you are still under warranty, you could take the phone back to the seller and see if you can get a deal.

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