How to Fix the Unknown Bcm20702a0 Device Error


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You may have come across the Bcm20702a0 error in the properties of an Unknown Device. Windows is unable to recognize what the device is and thus labels it as an unknown device through the Device Manager. Users don’t know what the device is, which makes solving the error a problem.

What is Bcm20702a0?

The Bcm20702a0 designation denotes a Bluetooth device. In computing terms, a driver is basically all the digital instructions the Operating System needs to communicate with physical hardware. Your computer will need Bcm20702a0 if it doesn’t have Bluetooth devices built-in. If the Bcm20702a0 isn’t working properly with a Dell computer, then here are some stops to fix the error.

Method 1: Reboot the Computer and Check Connections if This Doesn’t Work
  • Remove and reconnect the Bcm20702a0
  • USB cables can only be inserted one way, so the USB connection should feel secure and there should be no visible metal jack/plug
  • Try using a different USB port
  • Disconnect any unnecessary USB devices. Unplug everything except for the camera and USB mouse and keyboard if you have them
Method 2: Update the driver for Bcm20702a0 on your Dell Computer

The driver for the device can be found on the installation disk that it came with. If you have lost your disk then don’t worry, you won’t have to buy a new one. You can do it without the disk.
  • Open the Start Menu, find the Control Panel, and open the Device Manager
  • Open up Other Devices and find your Bcm20702a0 device
  • Click on Driver and then update it. Find the updated driver automatically by clicking Search Automatically
Method 3: Download the Latest Driver from the Website

You can find drivers for Bcm20702a0 here:

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