How to fix wow51900223 Error (World of Warcraft)

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    If you ever encounter this error; “You have been disconnected. (wow51900223)” in this article, we will offer you possible fixes to this reoccurring issue.

    You can fix the wow51900223 error in World of Warcraft with any of these 2 methods. Continue reading to find out how.

    Method 1: Reset your Network (for Windows 10)

    After troubleshooting your system without success, try to reset your network. To do this, go to Windows Setting by pressing the Windows+i button on the keyboard, or clicking Start and then Settings button. This will take you to the Windows Settings screen, then click “Network & Internet.”


    1. On the “Network & Internet” screen, click the "Status" tab on the left. Scroll down and click the "Network Reset" link on the right-hand side.

    2. The "Network Reset" page shows a warning about the consequence of resetting your network, and also tells you a restart is required after the reset. Reset the network by clicking the "Reset now" button, and then reboot the system.

    3. When the prompt to confirm network reset is displayed, click "Yes."

    4. And that's all! After your system has rebooted, Windows will guide you through your network setup. This method should be the last option after every other method fails.

    Method 2: IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS.

    This method applies to Windows 8 and 10
    • Press Windows key+X while on the desktop screen.
    • Select Command Prompt (Run as Administrator)
    • In the command prompt, type ipconfig /release.
    • Wait for some seconds for a message informing you of the release of the IP address.
    • In the command prompt, type ipconfig/renew.
    • Wait for some seconds for a message informing you of the re-establishment of the IP address.
    • In the command prompt, type ipconfig/flushdns.
    • Leave the command prompt page, and try to establish a connection.

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