What Is ESN Sonar? It's A Virus Or Malware? How To Uninstall?


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ESN Sonar ensures that users remain connected while surfing web pages or even after closing their browsers, by closing the gap between the desktop and the web. We help you host your service on Amazon EC2 cloud servers. Having been tested and used throughout the years, the minimal system footprint, low latency and voice are quality attributes of the Sonar technology. Furthermore, the cloud ensures that there is a dependable and quick scaling. Adopt the C/C SDK to integrate Sonar into any game or application. Sonar contains an extensive JavaScript client-side API and a back-end RESET/Webhooks API which allows you to completely dictate and customize your Sonar integration.


ESN Sonar API is a Shareware software under the Audio & multimedia category, developed by ESN AB, it is majorly used for the voice service in BF3 & BF4. It is on par with the party VOIP on XboxLive if you rate that as an IN-game VOIP solution. It is highly resourceful especially when there is a commander and a player has to give instruction to his team members (Command Mode) and also being able to communicate with them directly.

Overview of ESN Social Software AB

ESN Social Software AB develops Web and Web Centric gaming. It provides a web platform for Planet to develop, deploy and scale web applications; Beaconpush is a push service that is used to create web applications using WebSockets, Comets and HTML5; and Sonar, a cloud hosted service for embedding voice communications on websites. The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden and was established in 2004. As at July 2012, ESN Social Software AB runs as a subdivision of Electronic Arts Inc.

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How to Uninstall ESN Sonar

For Windows 10 users:
  • Open the Start menu and click settings
  • Choose System settings
  • Choose Apps and Features
  • Choose the app you want to uninstall
  • Click on the Uninstall button
  • Confirm the uninstallation
For Windows 8 users:
  • Move the mouse to the bottom-right corner of the desktop to activate the side menu
  • Click Settings then Control Panel and then click Uninstall ESN Sonar program
  • Find the program on the installed programs list and highlight it
  • Click Uninstall to the top of the screen to begin the uninstallation process
  • Follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation
  • Restart your computer following the removal
For Windows 7 users:
  • Click on the Windows Button to the bottom-left corner of the desktop
  • Open the Control Panel and choose Uninstall ESN Sonar program
  • Click Uninstall to the top of the screen to begin the uninstallation process
  • Follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation
  • Restart your computer following the removal
Method Two for Removing ESN Sonar

1. Typically when you install a piece of software on your computer, it creates a desktop shortcut

2. Right click this desktop shortcut and click on “properties”. Open up the shortcut tab in properties and choose Find Target. This opens up the ESN Sonar installation folder:

3. From here you can see the data of the app that you plan on removing, such as the EXE or DLL file type. You can also see the default installation path for the program, which typically begins with C:\Program Files\. You may need to manually remove leftover files from this directory later.

4. Typically you can find a file called Uninstall.exe in the folder, which can be used to uninstall the program.

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