Fix Xbox One Error Code 0x807a1007


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When enjoying talking with your friends on the Xbox Party Chat, you might be presented with the Error 0x807a1007. This error prevents you from using Party Chat on the Xbox. It can appear randomly at any moment, even in the middle of a conversation with your friends.


The precise error that shows up on your Xbox is;

“your network settings are blocking party chat 0x807a1007”

How to Fix Party Chat Error 0x807a1007in Xbox

There are three ways to correct the 0x807a1007 error that we will be detailing below. Check to see if the error persists after trying each one and move on to another solution if the error is still there.

Method 1: Change your Region

Some users report being able to correct the issue by simply changing the region of your Xbox. It’s easy enough to change the region of an Xbox one, but remember that you must spend any money in your Microsoft account before changing the region. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some services may not be available in a different region, so carefully consider which region to choose.

We should also mention that your region can only be changed once every here months. As far as limitations are concerned, you won’t have the option to change your region if you owe money on your Xbox subscription or if your account has been suspended.

Here is how to change the region on your Xbox:
  1. Sign into the console
  2. Scroll left on the home screen to open the Xbox Guide
  3. Open Settings>All Settings
  4. Choose System and then Language and Location
  5. Choose a new location and then click Restart Now
Check to see if the error is fixed after restarting the console.

Method 2: Enable Energy Saving Mode

This sounds strange but you may be able to fix the 0x807a1007 error by just enabling Energy Saving Mode.

How to Enable Energy Saving Mode:
  • Open Settings
  • Choose Power and Startup
  • Choose Power Mode
  • Enable Energy Saving
Method 3: Change NAT Settings


Another way to solve the problem is changing NAT settings. Here is a look at how to do that:
  1. Open the Guide through the Home screen
  2. Choose Settings>All Settings
  3. Choose Network
You can see the NAT type from this screen. There are a total of three NAT types to choose from and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have your NAT set to something other than Open then you may run into the error. Correct the problem by adjusting the NAT to Open and checking to see if the error has been fixed.

You should be able to enjoy your games without running into the 0x807a1007 party chat error once restarting the console. Several people have tried this method and proven it works. If the problem still persists, then you should consider resetting your console to factory settings which fixes just about any problem.

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