How To Fix 0x80073d0b Error


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Windows 10 users have recently been faced with aa drive error 0x80073d0b when they try to “Move” the game using the option in the Apps & Games Settings. This error message is also accompanied by another option to “Try again later” which only produces the same outcome.

Windows 10 users have voiced their frustrations over the error 0x80073d0b

I’m getting the “We couldn’t move Halo 5: Forge” with an error code of 0x80073d0b after trying to move the game to another drive. I’m using the “move” feature in the Apps & Games Settings. If anyone could help out, I’d appreciate it.

Microsoft offered a “Solution” that users found unconnected and unhelpful towards the issue. This has prompted most Windows 10 users to give up hope on an eventual quick fix to this problem.

How to fix 0x80073d0b in Windows 10 Mobile?

Similarly, if you use a Windows Lumia phone, you may also be faced with the 0x80073d0b error, which happens mainly when you try to move the application from your internal memory to your SD card.

However, this application was solely designed to work with the phone’s internal memory, thus you should stop trying to move it or else you will be faced with more error messages. Applications like WhatsApp are intended to be ran only on the device internal memory. Although you can choose to save media on the SD card, but not the entire application.

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