How to fix "The Server Stumbled" Error Code 0x801901F7


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Some Windows users report getting hit by an error that says “The Server stumbled Error 0x801901F7” when using Windows 10. Users may feel that the problem is caused from the Microsoft servers or their network.

Taking a closer look at the error showed me that this isn’t how it works though. Read through this post to learn more about how to solve the “The server stumbled error 0x801901F7” error when using Windows 10.

How to Solve Windows Store Error 0x801901F7

The following are three methods for solving the error to help you get rid of the error in Windows 10.
Option 1: Clear Windows Store Cache

Open your Tiles menu and enter cmd to find the command prompt. Right-click on the command prompt option and choose “Run as Administrato”. This option is to the bottom of the menu and it allows you to run the Command Prompt as an administrator.
Type wsreset.exe into the command prompt and press Enter.
Option 2: Run Windows Diagnostic Utility

1. Download Advanced Apps Diagnostics Utility here
2. Open apps.diagcab and click “Next”
3. Wait as the diagnostic utility runs, detecting and repairing errors
4. Close the program when it finishes
Option 3: Delete Windows Store Database

This method will see us delete the Windows Store database file. This file can be found in the C drive or whichever drive contains the Operating System of your computer.
  • Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\Datastore.edb
  • Delete DataStore.edb
  • Open the Windows Store and see if the 0x801901F7 error still appears
This DataStore.edb file we deleted will be automatically recreated after opening the Windows store again in the third step.

If the error still appears then close the Windows Store again and reboot your computer before re-launching the Windows Store.

These are three methods to potentially fix the 0x801901F7 error for you. We’d love to know which method you used to solve the problem. Leave a comment and let us know!

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