How to Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8DE00005


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If you encounter the Error 3219 and are then presented with the HEX code for the error – Error 0x8DE00005 – it means that Windows Live Mail is unable to connect to the servers at Outlook/Hotmail or MSN and therefore can’t retrieve mail for you. The issue should only occur when users configure Windows Live Mail to connect and sync their mail through a Secure HTTPS link or delta sync.


Traditionally, those using e-mail applications like Windows Live Mail should have configured their account as an IMAP or a POP account. To address this issue, what we’re going to do is delete/remove the existing account, and re-add it as a POP or IMAP account. IMAP is a better option since it allows real-time sync and can work simultaneously on a number of devices.

Here’s how to troubleshoot and correct Error 3219:

Most people who wanted Server Error 3219 fixed were able to do so by reconfiguring their account. These steps will allow you to do this manually:

1. Click on Accounts Tab and find the + symbol with an @ sign; click it
2. Enter the information for your email account including the email address, password, and display name
3. Choose to manually configure server settings
4. Choose IMAP under Incoming Server Information
5. Type as the Sever Address and enter the port 993
6. Check the box marked Requires a secure connection SSL
7. Find the Outgoing Server Information
8. Type as the server address and 587 as the port type
9. Click Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires authentication
10. Click Next

This should do it. This will reconfigure your account. The new account should be displayed to the left of Windows Live Mail. If you had some important messages in your other account then you can just drag and drop them into the appropriate folders to copy them across. The final step is to remove the old email account by choosing it and clicking Remove Account. We hope you were able to fix Live Mail Server Error 3219 (0x8DE00005) by reconfiguring your server.

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