How to Solve 0x80048830 Error


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The 0x80048830 error is an error with the mail app that many people using the most recent version of Windows 10 suffer with when trying to create a new account. This error means the app isn’t able to configure the new account.


The error is typically caused by anti-virus software or Windows Firewall. The mail app is being interfered with by one of these things and it’s preventing it from syncing. With this article we’ll be taking a look at troubleshooting the 0x80048830 error in Windows 10.

How to Fix the 0x80048830 Error in Windows Mail

Option 1: Disable Windows Firewall

As mentioned above, Windows Firewall might be preventing the app from syncing, so the obvious solution is to disable it:
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click “System and Security”
  • Open the Windows Firewall settings
  • Click the button to turn Windows Firewall on or off in the left pane
  • Check the box to turn Windows Firewall off and click on “OK”
Open up the Mail app once again and see if the 0x80048830 error has been fixed. If you still have the error, then don’t worry because we’ve got another method to solve the problem.
Option 2: Disable Anti-Virus

Disabling anti-virus should work for most people. More often than not, EST users report being able to solve the problem by just disabling it. All you have to do is turn off the antivirus program itself, or try disabling just the firewall of your antivirus program.
Option 3: Update Windows

Microsoft are constantly releasing Windows 10 updates, and each one patches errors, including errors like 0x80048830. This is why you should endeavor to keep Windows updated. Follow the below steps to allow automatic updates in Windows 10:
  1. Open up the start menu and type “Update Settings” into the search bar. Open update settings from the search results.
  2. Open the Advanced Options section and check the box marked “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update windows”
  3. When back in the Windows Update menu click the “Check for Updates” button
  4. This checks for updates in the Microsoft servers and you’ll be notified if one is found
Open up the Mail app once more and you should find that the 0x80048830 error has disappeared. While you might not be comfortable disabling your antivirus each time you run your Mail app, the unfortunate truth is that it has to be done for now until a permanent solution is found.

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