How to Solve 0xC00702E4 Error


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The 0xC00702E4 error code might also be known as the AVG Install Error. This is because the error only appears when attempting to install AVG Antivirus. AVG is an advanced piece of antivirus software that offers real-time security updates, download protection, anti-spam, protection from hackers, app locking, password protection, and a range of other features. AVG is made available as a free version, but this free version lacks all the functionality packed into the program. This is why you should consider investing in the paid version to get the most out of it.

The bad news is that AVG Antivirus developers made a few mistakes because some people who want to install AVG find themselves unable to because of the 0xC00702E4 error code. The error will sometimes show up in both free and purchased versions of AVG software and it displays the message:

“Sorry, we’ve experienced a problem during initialization. Please try again. Error code: 0xC00702E4”

The 0xC00702E4 error code is generally caused by one of two potential reasons. They are:
  • Two programs conflicting
  • Certain files failing to install properly
Option 1: Uninstall The Conflicting Programs

One reason you may be given the error is that you already have another Antivirus program installed. If you’re running Avast, Norton, McAfee, or something similar, then you may need to uninstall them first. This allows the installation of AVG Antivirus to flow smoothly.

Open up Control Panel, click Uninstall Programs, and open up the list of installed programs. If there are any Antivirus programs that could clash with AVG installation then you should uninstall them. It could take a little time to get it down, but this is time well spent as it allows you to install 0xC00702E4.
Option 2: Use The AVG Removal Tool

Open this link to download the AVG Remover tool and run it to eliminate any and all traces of AVG.
  1. Choose the AVG products in the remover tool and begin the removal process
  2. Restart the computer after the removal process
  3. Manually delete the AVG Remover tool folder after your computer restarts
  4. Re-download the AVG installation file from here to reinstall AVG after the uninstallation completes
  5. Run the downloaded file to install AVG
  6. Follow the installation instructions
  7. Complete AVG installation and restart the computer
If it all works well then you shouldn’t run into the 0xc00702e4 error as you install AVG. The installation should run smoothly and allow you to install the software without any problems. We hope you’re able to solve the issue with the help of our article.

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