What Is Charity Engine? Is Charity Engine Virus?

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    How To Get Rid Of Charity Enginel? Uninstall Charity Engine Method. Is a virus or malware and is Charity Engine Safe?

    Charity Engine is a free app for PCs based on the BOINC software from Berkley University. The software was created by Worldwide Computer Company Limited. How the project works is that it sells spare computing power to corporations and universities, sharing the profits with partner charities and awarding regular cash prizes to users of the software.

    If there aren't any corporations buying the computer power, then Charity Engine will donate it to other volunteer computing projects like [email protected], [email protected], and Malaria Control with prize draws funded with donations.

    The [email protected] project reported in August 2014 that Charity Engine contributed over 125,000 computers to their grid.

    Charity Engine was established to allow millions of computers to raise millions of dollars for great causes thanks to the computer power that wasn't being used anyway. Charity Engine takes on massive computing jobs and turns them into 1000s of smaller jobs, each one small enough for even a basic home computer to process in the background.

    After every PC has completed their piece of the puzzle, the correct answer is sent in and some money is generated for the charity and also the prize fund. It also increases the chance to win the prize fund. So where is the money coming from?

    It primarily comes from science and industry. The network of computers is rented out like one giant supercomputer, with all the profits shared equally between charities and the lucky users grabbing the prize.

    Charity Engine adds under 10 cents per day to the energy costs of a computer and is able to generate up to $20 for each charity (not to mention the prize draw) for every dollar of electricity consumed.

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    Method Two for Removing Charity Engine

    1. You can typically find a desktop shortcut for newly installed software

    2. Find this desktop shortcut and right-click it. Open up the properties window and open the Shortcut tab. Click Find Target from here to open the installation folder for the software:

    3. This will bring you to the data that you need to remove, such as the DLL or EXE file and other files. Programs on Windows are typically installed to the C:\Program Files\ folder by default. You may need to directly delete related files manually later.

    4. There is typically an uninstallation program (commonly called just uninstall.exe) in this installation folder that can be used to remove the program.

    Is Charity Engine a virus or not? Charity Engine Safe?

    Scheduled Task
    • boinctray.exe is scheduled as a task with the class '{62AD1B26-A51A-4E2F-B128-72B8274A091B}' (runs on registration).
    • boinc.exe runs as a service named 'CHARIT~1|Charity Engine' (BOINC) "Downloads, executes, and uploads BOINC tasks".
    2 Startup Files (All Users Run)
    • charityengine.exe is loaded in the all users (HKLM) registry as a startup file name 'boincmgr' which loads as "C:\Program Files\Charity Engine\BOINC\charityengine.exe" /a /s.
    • boinctray.exe is loaded in the all users (HKLM) registry as a startup file name 'boinctray' which loads as "C:\Program Files\Charity Engine\BOINC\boinctray.exe".
    Additional files:
    • boinc.dll – BOINC Core Client (Charity Engine Client Platform Library)
    • boinc.exe – BOINC core client (BOINC client)
    • boincsvcctrl.exe – BOINC service controller
    • boinccmd.exe – BOINC client (BOINC Command Line Client)
    • boincscr.exe – Charity Engine Screensaver
    • boinctray.exe – Charity Engine System Tray for Windows
    • dbghelp.dll (by Microsoft) – Debugging Tools for Windows(R) (Windows Image Helper)
    • dbghelp95.dll (by Microsoft) – Microsoft(R) Windows (R) 2000 Operating System (Windows NT Image Helper)
    • libcurl.dll (by The cURL library, http://curl.haxx.se/) – The cURL library (libcurl Shared Library)
    • libeay32.dll (by The OpenSSL Project, http://www.openssl.org/) – The OpenSSL Toolkit (OpenSSL Shared Library)
    • msvcm80.dll – Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 (Microsoft® C Runtime Library)
    • msvcp80.dll – Microsoft® C Runtime Library
    • msvcr80.dll
    • sqlite3.dll (by http://www.sqlite.org/) – SQLite Database Library
    • srcsrv.dll – Microsoft Source Server
    • ssleay32.dll (by The OpenSSL Project, http://www.openssl.org/)
    • symsrv.dll – Symbol Server
    • zlib1.dll – zlib (zlib data compression library)
    How to Remove Charity Engine

    For Windows 10 users:
    • Open the Start menu and click settings
    • Choose System settings
    • Choose Apps and Features
    • Choose the app you want to uninstall
    • Click on the Uninstall button
    • Confirm the uninstallation
    For Windows 8 users:
    • Move the mouse cursor to the bottom-right corner of the desktop and activate the Windows 8 side menu
    • Open Settings and open the Control Panel. From there, click on Uninstall Charity Engine program
    • Search through the installed program list to find Charity Engine
    • Click Uninstall to begin the uninstallation process
    • Work through the uninstallation wizard to complete the process
    • Restart your computer when the removal completes
    For Windows 7 Users:
    • Open the start menu by clicking the Windows button
    • Choose Control Panel and then Uninstall Charity Engine program
    • Look through the list of installed programs to find CSR Harmony Wireless Software
    • Right-click it and choose Uninstall
    • Follow the instructions to remove the program
    • Reboot your computer


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