What is Citrix Online Launcher?


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How To Uninstall Citrix Online Launcher? It's a virus or malware?

The Citrix Online Launcher application n was developed by Citrix Systems. The GoToMyPC program includes an application that helps you as the program is being run. This application is downloaded automatically as part of the GoToMyPC package and it launches you into active sessions.

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GoToMyPC Launcher and Citrix Online Launcher

This helper program was once known as Citrix Online Launcher or GoToMyPC Launcher, but since version 1.0.b459 it has been given the new name of the “GoTo Opener” app. If you’ve got the Citrix Online Launcher program on your computer then it means that you have already started or joined a remote connection through the GoToMyPC desktop app in the past.


Citrix Online Web Deployment Plugin

The Citrix Online Web Deployment plugin was once a part of the “helper” application, and it would be installed when first connecting remotely through the desktop app. This app allowed web browsers to automatically run the helper application, which would then launch GoToMyPC. However, the latest version of the helper application (GoTo Opener) no longer needs the Web Deployment Plugin to work properly.

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Uninstalling the Launcher App

On Windows
1. Open “Programs and Features”
2. Right-click “Citrix Online Launcher”
3. Click “Uninstall” and then verify the uninstallation
On Mac:
1. Open “Finder”
2. Open Macintosh HD>Users>Admin>Applications>Utilities>CitrixOnline
3. Right-click “CitrixOnlineLauncher” and choose “Move to Trash”
4. Right-click “Trash” on the menu and then click “Empty Trash”

What is CitrixOnlineLauncher.exe?

CintrixOnlineLauncher.exe is a part of the Citrix Online Web Development Helper and is designed by Citrix Online, as detailed in the version information of CitrixOnlineLauncher.exe.

The description of CitrixOnlineLauncher.exe is “Citrix Online Launcher” and is digitally signed by Citrix Online. The CitrixOnlineLauncher.exe file is typically found in the 'c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\citrix\launcher\' folder.
VirusTotal ran a number of anti-virus programs on CitrixOnlineLauncher.exe and none of them reported any kind of malicious activity, meaning the program is safe for us.

What is Citrix Online Plugin?

The Citrix Web Plugin is an online plugin published by Citrix to enable users to remotely access published desktops and other programs directly through their web browser. Users on Microsoft Windows are able to quickly access a VDI network through web browsers including Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Is Citrix Online Launcher a virus or not? Citrix Online Launcher Safe?

Internet Explorer BHO
  • skypeieplugin.dll is installed in Internet Explorer as a BHO (Browser Helper Object) under the name ‘Skype Click to Call for Internet Explorer’ with the class of {AE805869-2E5C-4ED4-8F7B-F1F7851A4497} (SkypeIEPluginBHO).
Internet Explorer Extension
  • skypeieplugin.dll is installed as an Internet Explorer extension as ‘Skype Click to Call settings’ with a class of {898EA8C8-E7FF-479B-8935-AEC46303B9E5}.
2 Services
  • skypec2cpnrsvc.exe runs as a service named ‘c2cpnrsvc’ (c2cpnrsvc) “Provides phone number recognition services.”.
  • skypec2cautoupdatesvc.exe runs as a service named ‘c2cautoupdatesvc’ (c2cautoupdatesvc) “Downloads and installs product updates.”.
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Files installed by Citrix Online Launcher

[TABLE][TBODY][TR][TD]Program executable:[/TD][TD]iconpackager.exe[/TD][/TR]
[TR][TD]Path:[/TD][TD]C:\Program Files\stardock\object desktop\iconpackager\iconpackager.exe[/TD][/TR]

Additional files:
  • microsoft.live.folders.richupload.3.dll (by Microsoft) – Windows Live (R) (Microsoft® Rich Upload ActiveX control)
  • meprovider.dll (by Intel) – Device Profile ME Provider
  • attach.dll (by IBM) – IBM Developer Kit for Windows,Java,1.6.0 (Java(TM) Platform SE binary)
  • awt.dll (by IBM)
  • axbridge.dll – ActiveX Bridge for JavaBeans(TM)
  • cmm.dll (by Eastman Kodak Company) – KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Java CMM
  • dbghelp.dll (by Microsoft) – Debugging Tools for Windows(R) (Windows Image Helper)
  • dbgwrapper.dll
  • dcpr.dll
  • deploy.dll – Java(TM) Deployment Library
  • deployjava1.dll
  • inteldriver.exe
  • jvm.dll (by International Business Machines) – IBM SDK, Java(tm) 2 Technology Edition (J9 Virtual Machine Runtime)
  • skypec2cautoupdatesvc.exe – Skype Click to Call (Updates Skype Click to Call)
  • skypec2cpnrsvc.exe – Phone Number Recognition (PNR) module
  • skypeieplugin.dll – Skype Click to Call IE Add-on
  • utils.dll (by Intel) – Intel® WiDi (Platform Detection Library)
  • utils64.dll
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