What Is OEM Application Profile? ? Is OEM Application Profile Virus?


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How To Get Rid Of Amd OEM Application Profile? Uninstall OEM Application Profile Method. Is a virus or malware and is OEM Application Profile Safe?

AMD Application Profiles are instructions for specific settings or adjustments made to the AMD Catalyst Driver when users launch a supported game. These CAPs are designed for improving the performance and graphics of games when the computer has a supported AMD Radeon series graphics card. AMD CAPs come packaged with AMD Catalyst Driver, with the most recent versions of CAPs made available with the most recent AMD Catalyst Driver. This includes BETA versions.

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How to Remove OEM Application Profile

For Windows 10 users:
  • Open the Start menu and click settings
  • Choose System settings
  • Choose Apps and Features
  • Choose the app you want to uninstall
  • Click on the Uninstall button
  • Confirm the uninstallation
For Windows 8 users:
  • Move the mouse cursor to the bottom-right corner of the desktop and activate the Windows 8 side menu
  • Open Settings and open the Control Panel. From there, click on Uninstall OEM Application Profile program
  • Search through the installed program list to find OEM Application Profile
  • Click Uninstall to begin the uninstallation process
  • Work through the uninstallation wizard to complete the process
  • Restart your computer when the removal completes
For Windows 7 Users:
  • Open the start menu by clicking the Windows button
  • Choose Control Panel and then Uninstall OEM Application Profile program
  • Look through the list of installed programs to find CSR Harmony Wireless Software
  • Right-click it and choose Uninstall
  • Follow the instructions to remove the program
  • Reboot your computer
Method Two for Removing OEM Application Profile

1. You can typically find a desktop shortcut for newly installed software

2. Find this desktop shortcut and right-click it. Open up the properties window and open the Shortcut tab. Click Find Target from here to open the installation folder for the software:

3. This will bring you to the data that you need to remove, such as the DLL or EXE file and other files. Programs on Windows are typically installed to the C:\Program Files\ folder by default. You may need to directly delete related files manually later.

4. There is typically an uninstallation program (commonly called just uninstall.exe) in this installation folder that can be used to remove the program.

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